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    Coffee Chronicles

    Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth, welcomed a very large crowd for coffee this morning to Yukon Public Schools Administration. He announced the upcoming bond election and said he would be happy to explain the need to anyone who asks. There are tables to be sponsored for “The Breakfast”, contact D’Lynn Koontz for information at 354-2579. Julia Seay with Gateway Women’s Resources said their gala is August 29th with Senator James Lankford. Jim Poe with Santa’s Toy Shop reported their need for donations. They serve a lot of families in the Yukon, Mustang area that need help. Jan Scott with Yukon Parks and Rec invited everyone to participate in the Spirit Sprint 5K, scheduled August 26 at Chisholm Trail Park. This annual event raises funds for Special Needs Athletes. Contact Jan Scott at 350-8937 to register or for more information. Melinda Rushing asked for table sponsors and participants for the “Beat the Heat” Card Party at Town and Country Christian Church, August 18. Contact Compassionate Hands to sponsor, play or just find out what they need. Eddie McFadden, Rick Caccini and Jenny Crane all have tickets for the Yukon Veteran’s Museum fundraising Gala. Remember to ask Dr. Simeroth about the bond issue.

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    Popular Cute LOL Love OMG

    Local Famous Fridays: Meet Berni Bell


    Berni Bell grew up in India and worked in the cosmetology and beautification industry. She also is a devout Roman Catholic, which began her connections with Mother Teresa. Every time her church had Mass, Bell made sure to attend. Even if she had a client in her salon, she would try her best to make it every time. She often rushed from the salon to Mass without any time to change out of her work clothes. One day, she was rushing through a crowd before the 5:00 p.m. mass at her church when she felt a hand grab her own. She immediately knew the hand belonged to Mother Teresa. “She had hands like a lizard because she always was working.” Mother Teresa took Bell without a word in front of the whole congregation. On the stage were all the best doctors Bell had heard of, with Mother Teresa. Bell felt out of place there with these great names. Mother Teresa sat on one of two chairs and still held on to Bell as she began to speak. “We will fight abortion with adoption” is all Mother Teresa said before standing up and walking away with Bell. Bell says that Mother Teresa was bad at speaking, but she was good at working. Even though she was a such a small person, when she did speak, there was a power within her that everyone respected. After that Mass, there were more adoptions than ever before.

    Bell sitting behind Mother Teresa and surrounded by famous doctors

    Bell went to hair school for five years where she worked with Mother Teresa. Bell often worked with the infant orphans at Mother Teresa’s orphanage. Bell would make sweaters and clothes for the children, as well as bring sweets to them for special occasions.

    In Indian orphanages, older girls were taught to become nannies and housekeepers for rich families. Whether they wanted to or not, this would be their only option of work after they got out of the orphanage. After finishing hair school, Bell decided to create another option for these girls.

    One day Bell saw one of the older girls was being scolded for wearing nail polish. When Bell asked why, she was told that nannies were not allowed to have nail polish because they work with children. Bell asked, “What if she doesn’t want to be a nanny? Does she not have a choice? If the girl likes nail polish and cosmetology, she can come train with me instead of being a nanny.” After that, the orphanage allowed six to seven girls a year apprentice with Bell in beautification.

    Bell also made it a point to take in disabled girls who could not easily be nannies. She taught deaf and mute girls massage therapy, so they could work with their hands instead of relying on speech. Not only did she apprentice many of the girls from Mother Teresa’s orphanages, but she also acted as a sort of matchmaker, as well. “I helped many of them find boys, because nuns aren’t good at finding husbands,” Bell said.

    Bells Daughter Tufi with Mother Teresa

    There were many times Bell witnessed Mother Teresa’s mercy and bravery over the years. One that stands out in her mind, is when Bell and Mother Teresa got word that there was a man in a dumpster a ways away. One person said he was dead, another said he could have been breathing. Mother Teresa ran as fast as she could to the dumpster and found a barely alive 90-year-old man. He had been in the dumpster for so long he had begun rotting away. There were even maggots eating the skin off his legs. Without any caution Mother Teresa lifted him out of the dumpster and took him to the nearest hospital where they were able to save him.

    Bell asked Mother Teresa how she could see this disgusting sight and instantly reach in for the man without gloves or any fear of filth or sickness. Mother Teresa replied, “I just see Jesus in everyone’s face, I see Jesus with his cross and I want to ease his burden.” Many years later at Mother Teresa’s funeral in 1997, the same man from the dumpster sat on the front row of the church and wept at her passing.

    To this day, Bell’s life has been shaped by Mother Teresa’s kindness and selflessness. Those who visit her Yukon hair salon will see pictures and quotes of Mother Teresa. Many of her wise words are deeply important to Bell, but her favorite is Mother Teresa’s quote on doing the best for others and ourselves.

    Bell’s favorite quote from Mother Teresa
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    Yukon’s Best Show: Episode 3

    Patrick and Kody are at it again; this time they visited with local artist Tanner Frady, and had some treats from Red Bird Coffee Cart.

    Let us know where you’d like the guys to go next! Drop us a line at hello@yukonsbest.com.


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    Yukon FFA Rodeo

    It’s time to dust off your cowboy hat and boots because the best rodeo in town is coming back. The Yukon FFA Rodeo is in town to show you and your family a great time with everything from buckin’ broncos to barrel racing and steer wrestling. Admission is only 8 dollars apiece for adults, and kids 4 and under get in free!

    On August 4 and 5, head on down to the RUC Arena (600 E. Main Street) and join in on the fun! The gates open at 6:30 p.m. those days, and the fun starts at 8.

    If you want to buy the $6 advance tickets, or if you just have any questions visit their website.

    Don’t forget about this fun event for the whole family!

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    Season Lopez

    Season Dawn Lopez (Kirk) passed away the morning of July 20, 2017 due to complications caused by a massive brain aneurysm. She was born on October 24, 1979 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is preceded in death by her grandparents Tom and Beverly Gallant and Charlie (Papaw) and Letha (Memaw) Kirk. In January of this year her mother, Tami Kirk of Yukon also preceded her in death. Season is survived by her husband James Lopez, and two children Alex and Alayna and James’ parents Jim and Mintie Lopez of Yukon. She is also survived by her father, Sid Kirk of Yukon as well as her sister Ashley Johnston (Husband Justin) of Bridgecreek, and her brother Jordan Kirk of Yukon. She is survived by her five nephews, Ashton, Carson, Julian, Skyler and Gabe and her niece, Madi. Also surviving is her aunt Kathy High (Husband Larry) of Yukon and three uncles, Danny Gallant (Wife Debbie) of Yukon, Pat Gallant of Phoenix, Mike Gallant (Wife Gail) also of Phoenix, and numerous cousins.
    Season had the most bubbly, outgoing and welcoming personality. She never met a stranger. She loved to help others, spend time with family and cook out with friends and neighbors. She really enjoyed her job at Great Plains Coca Cola and was very excited when she recently received a promotion with the company. Her co-workers said she always made everyone smile and she brightened their day. She was a huge OU football fan and she treasured sharing that with her mother. Season was always a very giving person and her family is honored that she will now be giving the gift of life to others through organ donation. She was very loved by so many and she is going to be missed immensely. A celebration of her life will be held at the Town & Country Christian Church on Tuesday July 25, 2017 at 10 AM. Interment will be at the Yukon Cemetery. Visitation will be held Monday July 24 from 8 AM to 8 PM at Smith & Turner. Services are under the direction of Smith & Turner Mortuary in Yukon, OK.

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    Popular Love

    Local Famous Fridays: Meet Civilla Ball

    Civilla (Frederick) Ball, was born 90 years ago in 1927 in a house in Yukon. For her, Yukon has always represented home and family. She grew up here, as did her parents and grandparents… dating all the way back to the Oklahoma Land Run.

    Having grown up in the ’20s and ’30s, it is no surprise that her family was hit hard by the Great Depression. Her father often said that while the Depression was officially labeled to be in 1929-1939, it actually was in effect much longer for the farmers.


    Parents Ella and William Frederick

    She has many early memories of the amount of polka in the culture, due to Yukon being a Czech community. Czech Hall was a mere three miles away from her home, so it was not uncommon to see the Czech citizens having festivals and dances there.

    Ball remembers the very rare occasions when her family would leave Yukon to go take the long trip to El Reno. Ball remembers seeing the “Welcome to Yukon” sign while returning, with black and white letters saying “population 900” underneath. Several years later, at the beginning of World War II, she saw the sign again which said “population 1200”. By the time the war ended, there was no longer a population sign, but she guesses it must have grown exponentially in those years.

    After finishing high school and her nursing training, she set out to help people in the war effort as much as she could. She was placed in cadet nursing during WWII. Later for the Korean War she was commissioned in the Red Cross as the Chief Nurse in what they called “The BloodMobile”. This was a group of Ball and about six other nurses who would travel around the country and accept people’s blood donations to be sent overseas to those in need. On one of these trips, the BloodMobile came into Yukon to accept donations. She was glad to see that her hometown had one of the best responses, and donated much more blood than the average town. She found it hilarious though when huge burly farmers would come in for their donation and pass out before they even got to the donation chairs. As one of these large, strong farmer men came in one day, she recognized his red hair and knew she had seen him around town while growing up. She remembered that redheaded farmer, who later became her husband.They had six children together, as well as many grandchildren, and great grandchildren; most of which still live in Yukon today.

    Some of Civilla Balls Family


    Since the war, Ball has traveled to many points on the globe helping people wherever she could. She started “Shoes for Russia,” a shoe donation organization for Russian families, after the Berlin wall fell. She gave homes and jobs to any immigrant or impoverished person who came to her doorstep. She dug dozens of wells for impoverished villages in India providing life-saving clean water, as well as funding an orphanage in India. This is where children were able to have full meals for the first time in their lives. There were even parents who heard of the orphanage and would leave their children there so they could have food and a bed. She still regularly visits and communicates with her friends in India, providing assistance anytime they need it. Ball has gained family and friends all over the world who respect her for her giving spirit and love of others.

    Civilla Ball at her 90th Birthday Party
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    National Hot Dog Day

    The hot dog, widely known as an American classic. Whether you’re at your favorite baseball team’s winning game, or just having a family barbecue in the backyard, the hot dog is always a necessity. This day is such a big hype that several restaurants are joining in and offering hot dogs of their own on sale!


    Burger King: BKs across America are serving 79 cent hot dogs for the entire month of July! Get in on that before the month is over!


    Circle K: All participating stores are offering hot dogs are on sale through July 23! Make sure to get yours quick!


    Love’s Travel Shop: While filling up your car how about filling up your stomach as well? Love’s is offering free hot dogs to anyone who shows this  barcode to the server.


    Sonic Drive-In: Drop by to get an All American or Chili Cheese Coney Dogs for only $1 each for the day!


    Pilot Flying J: Mark your calendar because Flying J will have a free hot dog July 19 to July 26. Just check out their Facebook page for more details!


    Happy Hot Dog Day!

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    National Emoji Day

    We’ve all seen them. They’ve infiltrated our everyday lives. The smiley, the winky face, and yes, even the poop emoji can be seen in digital conversations across the world. And now, even in theaters. How did this happen? How did we get here?

    Reportedly, the first emoji was created in 1998 or 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita. “Emoji” comes from the Japanese words e meaning “picture” and moji meaning “letter or character.” So quite literally translated, we have tiny picture-characters. From that time, and with the marriage of the iPhone and teenagers everywhere, the “emoji” has become an integral part of our daily communication.

    Coincidentally, Apple has announced today that they will introduce new emoji characters to their operating systems later this year. The new icons include a t-rex, a breastfeeding woman, and “mind blown,” to name a few.

    So whether you love ’em or hate ’em, it looks like they are here to stay!

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    Popular Love OMG

    Local Famous Fridays: Meet Aleka Elmborg

    Aleka Elmborg was born and raised in the Philippines, where she lived for ten years until her mother and stepfather moved to the United States. In high school, she was on the dance team and was in the dance company for a small college in Dallas. She’s been in the beauty industry and fitness for over 30 years. She also worked behind the scenes at several hair shows across the country doing hair, as well as special effects makeup.

    For a time, Elmborg would hang out and dance at Club Monopoly in Dallas, where she later met Vanilla Ice and his manager. Yes, the real Vanilla Ice! Elmborg asked if she could try out for his dance troupe, to which he replied, “Oh we’ve already chosen you if you want to join.” Being one of six members (Vanilla Ice included), Elmborg toured the United States for two years in the dance troupe, doing concerts and appearing in his music videos, such as the one and only, “Ice, Ice Baby.” On top of all this, she and her dance troupe appeared on both MTV’s Dance USA and VHI Dance USA.

    Elmborg and Vanilla Ice outside his car

    Her favorite part of being in the dance troupe was performing for large audiences and fans, although she mentioned that the fans could be a little crazy at times, which she was glad she had the bouncers and Vanilla Ice’s bodyguards to protect her.

    She stayed with the dance troupe until they were set out to tour Europe in 1990. This, of course, was during the initial breakout of the Gulf War, which caused her to leave the troupe and stay in America close to family during the war.

    But Elmborg and Vanilla Ice didn’t lose touch. Twenty years after she left the dance troupe, she went to a Vanilla Ice concert in Wisconsin with her husband Matt. They went up to Vanilla Ice, who immediately recognized her and invited them backstage to catch up and hang out after the concert.

    Aleka Elmborg and her husband Matt

    She and her family moved to Yukon in 2011. Her daughter, Leksi, graduates from OU in the spring, and her son, Lukas, will be a senior at YHS this year. Elmborg is heading into her 32nd year doing hair and makeup and looks forward to seeing her kids graduate in the spring.


    Watch Elmborg in Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” video.

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    Free Tea Friday at Starbucks

    The king of the Hype Train is at it again. As Starbucks introduces their new line of Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Infusions, the marketing genius of a mega-company offers a word few can resist: FREE!

    So head on out, but don’t dilly-dally; the FREE tea offer is only good from 1 to 2 p.m. this afternoon.