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Yukon’s Best Show: Episode 1

Vacca Territory Creamery and Coffeehouse AND Route 66 Virtual Reality

Check it out! Here’s the first episode of our show.


Patrick and Kody from Yukon’s Best Show bust out an interview and an activity in every episode, and for the first show they talked to Vacca Territory owner Mike Gray.  For the activity in the first episode, they walked next door to do some virtual reality gaming.  

All recommended, suggested, or obviously must do’s aside, these two stops for YBS are legit.  At Vacca, Gray combines a smoother, creamier (semi-freddo) ice cream with gourmet coffee to create a perfect match.  As for VR? Roy Miller cleared out a retail space for Yukonites to explore a virtual universe. One might think virtual reality gaming is something that one or two kids on the block rock after Christmas ‘16, but Roy wants the whole world to make his place their living room for an hour or so.   

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