National French Fry Day!

July 13, 2017

Today is National French Fry Day! So in order to celebrate, we have compiled a short list of French fry facts.

#1 Alternatively called: chips, finger chips, fries, frites, hot chips, steak fries, potato wedges,  and wedges.

#2 About 7 percent of all the potatoes grown in the United States are turned into McDonald’s fries. The chain sells more than one-third of all fries sold in restaurants.

#3 French fries were allegedly introduced to the U.S. by Thomas Jefferson in 1801, bringing “potatoes fried in a French manner” into the White House.

#4 The Belgians reportedly eat more fries per capita than any other country.

#5 Frozen french fries are the top U.S. potato product export, accounting for more than half of total potato export volume.

#6 Americans eat more than 16 pounds of French fries each year, which is collectively over 2 million tons.

No matter what you call them, or how you eat them, go celebrate National Fry Day with your favorite dipping sauce!

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