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The smell of the dobbers, the anticipation of the next call, the excitement you feel as you cover ‘B6’, and finally cry the word “Bingo!”

There’s no denying the rush of playing Bingo. So come and join the fun at Yukon’s Mobile Meals Bingo Night Fundraiser! Held at The Dale Robertson Center, 1200 Lakeshore Dr. at 6:30 pm. Funds raised go to support Yukon’s Mobile Meals.

There are concessions like candy, soda and popcorn, so you don’t have to worry about food when you’re in the zone. There will be nine games, all are regular Bingo games, except the last one, which is a blackout. Each card is three dollars, but you can buy as many as you can keep track of. All prizes are twenty-five dollars per winner or split between multiple winners. They even provide dobbers for you!

This family friendly event is sponsored by Chris Coleman from Allstate. Mobile Meals Bingo Fundraiser has been happening every first Thursday since February and will go on each month until the end of the year, except the month of July.

So bring your lucky trolls, and get ready to shout “BINGO!”

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