Brutal Bingo

What have we gotten into?

You may have read the light-hearted article from the other day telling people about the Yukon’s Mobile Meals Bingo Fundraiser. I went expecting a nice, calming time, but as soon I stepped into the Dale Robertson Center, it was as though I had entered a free-for-all.

I never expected such competition in Bingo, but the excitement drags you in. The hateful whispers and the glares after someone else calls a bingo made me nervous to get five in a row. I was afraid to be jumped if I did win. After every few games, there was a short intermission, where Casey Barnett, our lovely MC for the night, played songs on her ukulele. The turnout was great! For once, the rain worked in our favor, washing out the other events. I ate a bag of popcorn, a bag of M&M’s, and drank two Cokes.

Even though I didn’t win, I still had A LOT of fun, and I felt good to be able to support my community. I can’t wait for August 1st to go back.

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