Blose Barn and Garden

Fresh Veggies!

The Blose Family

Today was the first day of summer sales for the Blose Farm and Garden vegetables. There were potatoes, beets, onions, squash, zucchini and more! All of the veggies were hand grown by Faith and Matt Blose. “They did the whole thing themselves!” Said Julie Blose, their proud mother. They will continue to sell every Saturday from 8am – 12pm.

The Blose Barn and Garden has been open for about 6 weeks for this season and not only sells fresh vegetables, but also hosts weddings and parties. It’s perfect if you’re looking for that “Instagrammable” Pinterest venue with it’s rustic and rural feel. There are very friendly ducks and four turkeys that follow you and act like dogs. “The turkeys just want you to pet them,” says Don Blose, while scratching their rubbery necks. The Bloses provide almost everything you could need for an event, from decorations to light refreshments. The barns and buildings are surrounded with raw history, with handwritten crop ledgers on the barn walls, and more.

Check it out yourself! Pet a turkey, buy some vegetables, and have a great time.

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