Got shoes?

Why are we asking?

Have you got extra shoes you never wear?

Don’t throw them away! Church Under the Bridge is in need of good used shoes to give during their services. Any brand or style is appreciated. Please no dress shoes, we need more tennis shoes, sneakers, and things like that. To donate you can bring your donation to 1801 West Reno in Oklahoma City any Sunday at 3:00pm, or contact them at 405-315-1618, through e-mail cutbokc@yahoo.com, their website or their Facebook page.

What is “Church Under the Bridge”?

They call themselves “the church without walls.” Every Sunday at 3:00pm, CUTB hosts church services at 1801 West Reno, in Oklahoma City. The service is open to anyone. A meal is served every Sunday and is completely free. Church Under the Bridge’s vision is “to restore hope to the homeless and hurting.”

Want to help more?

If you want to know what more you can do for Church Under the Bridge, you can check out their website or their Facebook page.

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