Celebration of Grady the Cow!

70 years ago, she was trapped in a silo.

Today, we remember Grady the cow, who passed away 58 years ago. Grady gave Yukon national attention when she got trapped inside of a silo on February 22, 1949. The cow was put into a pen next to the silo because she was having trouble giving birth. When she finally did, she was ready to be out of her pen. She escaped the only way she could see how: into the silo through a small (17″ wide and 25.5″ high) hole.

Grady was inside the silo for three days, unable to escape. She was fed and given water by her farmer, Bill Mach. He reached out to the local newspaper, which gathered concerned readers from everywhere. Mach received 5,400 letters and 700 telegrams from people from 45 states, Canada, and Germany with suggestions. Phone calls, telegrams and letters all flowed in; curious people started showing up at the Mach farm in cars, and even planes. Grady was featured in Life, TIME, and newspapers all over the country.

Eventually, Grady was freed by Ralph Partridge, the farming editor of The Denver Post. A ramp was built from the floor of the silo to the opening. He coated the ramp and the opening with axle grease. Partridge then smeared Grady with 10 pounds of axle grease, and she was outfitted with two heavy halters. While men outside the silo pulled on ropes attached to her halters, the men inside the silo pushed. Grady slid through the opening, and veterinarians stated that she had not been injured during the rescue.

After she regained her freedom, she went back to being a regular cow, but with perks. Grady was featured in parades, fairs, and even had a special pen next to the road so tourists can come and see her. Two children’s books were even written about her and her troubles.

See pictures of Grady and her books below.

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