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Goose’s Garage

What are all these cool cars doing here?

Surely you’ve seen the display of gorgeous cars on Route 66, but what are they doing there?

They belong to Goose and Liz Reed of Goose’s Garage. They do everything from restoring hot rods, to building them from the ground up! They also offer chassis fabrication, in-house paint and body work, and dyno tuning. Goose’s Garage features a great G Body collection, Grand Nationals, a few old Camaros, a 1950 Mercury and more.

“My personal favorite is called ‘The Gray Goose’, a 1987 Buick Regal with a turbo charger and a six cylinder motor,” Goose claims. He and Liz started the garage a few years back as “Sickie’s Garage,” and dealt mostly in motorcycles. It was dormant until this year, when they restarted as Goose’s. They made the switch to cars more than two and a half years ago.

“We’re both motor heads,” admits Goose, “We have a passion for cars, especially fast ones.” They decided to work with cars as well as motorcycles, “instead of getting old.” Goose and Liz come from the West Coast, and came to Oklahoma City to open their business, but found a home in Yukon.

“We found the heart of motor enthusiasts here in Oklahoma,” Goose says. Goose’s Garage supports its community in countless ways. They are sponsoring a table for the new teacher luncheon and recently they sponsored a young athlete in the Junior Olympics through Bison Aquatics Club.

You can see a few of Goose’s Garage’s many cars below, and see more by visiting their Facebook, or going to see them in person on historic Route 66 at 909 W. Main.

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