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Who is the Miller Man?

What’s the story behind our burly mascot?

We all adore our lovable overall wearing mascot, but where did he come from? The Miller Man is unique in a sea of high school wildcats, broncos, and eagles. How did we come up with that?

We did some research on the Miller Man to find out for ourselves and for you. Here is what we found on the Yukon Public School website.

Everyone knows how our town slogan came to be, the mill! Yukon’s Best Flour is painted over the side, and even lit up in light on the roof. Across town, everything is Yukon’s Best: Yukon’s Best Car Wash, Yukon’s Best Tag Agency, Yukon’s Best Railroad Museum, even this website stems from the mill. Obviously, the mill is very important to the town’s culture.

The Yukon Mill and Grain Co. was important industry for Yukon and surrounding areas, and helped us grow into what we are today. A “miller” was the person responsible for opening and closing the mill. He was the first in and last out, every single day.

In 1930, Yukon schools changed our mascot to honor our local industry and the position most responsible for its success. The visiting teams though they had changed their mascot to moths that were typically found in flour sacs at the time, which troubled the district. It wasn’t until a 12th English teacher read “The Canterbury Tales” to her class that the students started to understand the importance of the Miller. The following quote describes one of the prominent characters, a miller man,

The Miller was a chap of sixteen stone, a great stout fellow big in brawn and bone. He did well out of them, for he could go and win the ram at any wrestling show. Broad, knotty, and short-shouldered, he would boast He could heave any door off hinge and post…

Finally, students and other teams began to recognize how powerful and important the miller man was. The miller man is a representation of character, strength and pride, Miller Pride.

Featured photo courtesy of Yukon Athletics.

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