Exclusive Behind the Scenes at Earl’s Rib Palace in Yukon

You can’t miss their new signs at 10 W. Main, or the excitement that Earl’s Rib Palace is building. Yukon’s Best.com has been given an exclusive look on the construction of the new restaurant. We spoke to the new general manager, Joel Lyons, for the inside story as well.

“We acquired the property sometime in March or April,” says Lyons, “We’ve put a lot of time and money into making it great.” Earl’s is a Oklahoma-owned company started in Oklahoma City by a band of high school friends in 1996. Since then, they have grown to have five different locations in the metro, and are now adding their sixth in Yukon.

“Earl’s really values community,” explains Lyons, on why they chose to move into 10 W. Main instead of extending down I-40. “Being on Main Street helps us stay active with the city.”

Earl’s Rib Palace is set to open either at the end of August or early September. You can see pictures of the restaurant’s current state of progress below.

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