Santa’s Toy Shoppe gives toys to Canadian County

Volunteers wrapping donation boxes

“Servanthood is an attitude we choose,” said Jim Poe as he began the latest meeting of Santa’s Toy Shoppe of Eastern Canadian County volunteers. The task at hand: wrapping donation boxes, and going full steam ahead in planning the sorting and distribution of gifts for this year’s families.

Santa’s Toy Shoppe of Eastern Canadian County has been helping provide holiday gifts for families in Yukon, Mustang, and piedmont since 2001. “Families in need fill out an application, and when it is approved, they get to come in and make their selection of toys,” said Poe. So far, every family that has applied has been able to receive assistance through Santa’s Toy Shoppe.

This year, Santa’s Toy Shoppe is in particular need of gifts for teenage boys and girls from ages 12-15. Some examples of popular items are electronics, games and game consoles, and gift cards. Donations from the community are accepted at the Yukon and Mustang Fire Departments.

Santa’s Toy Shoppe of Eastern Canadian county brings the Canadian county community together in such a way that various groups volunteer to sort gifts by age group, organize the distribution center, and even help load gifts into cars.

The holidays are a time for giving, and we here at Yukon’s Best are so glad to have Santa’s Toy Shoppe around to help spread good cheer! 

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