Adoptable Pet of the Week

Roxy, the tand and white pit/lab mix

This week’s adoptable pet is Roxy, and she will melt your heart with those soulful, adoring eyes!

Roxy is a tan and white pit/lab mix. She is very social dog that loves to play, and she especially loves kids! She is house trained and up to date on all vaccinations. Roxy is best suited for a home where she is the only pet. She loves all the attention!

Roxy has gained a little bit of weight since she has been at the shelter, but she’ll get her “ Foxy Roxy” figure back as soon as she gets into a family where there is regular interaction and play time. She is very sad at the shelter, and she would love to come home and have some family bonding before Christmas.

If you would like to take Roxy in as a foster or even add her to your family, contact Pets & People Humane Society at (405) 350-7387. You can also send an email to info@petsandpeople.com to ask any questions or set up a visit.

Roxy, and other animals like her, deserve to experience the magic of Christmas in a warm bed and a loving family. Any time you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are saving two lives–the one you adopt, and the one that can be saved from a kill shelter. So, if you are a sucker for those precious eyes and adorable underbite, Roxy is your girl!

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