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January 17, 2020

In spite of the cold, drenching rain Mike and Heather welcomed a huge Friday Coffee crowd to 10 W Main. Lots of good food, coffee and conversation shared by everyone.

Sara Schieman, Mabel C Fry Library, reminded everyone of the Chocolate Festival, Saturday, February 1 at the Dale Robertson Center. Co-sponsored with Yukon Parks and Recreation, this is a great afternoon to eat chocolate of every kind. They need sponsors and booths, please contact the Library or Parks and Recreation.

The Chamber of Commerce Gala is on for January 31 at the Palace Event Center. Get your tickets now from the Chamber. They also are selling Golden Tickets for a chance to win some super good prizes. Visit with any Chamber Board Member or call the Chamber.

Yukon Parks and Rec is sponsoring the Daddy Daughter next Saturday, January 25. Contact any Parks and Rec location for information and tickets.

Eddie “Mac” McFadden said access to Tinker Air Force Base is now available for some local veterans. Contact the Veterans Museum to get more information.

Dr Jason Simeroth described the Beautiful Day Foundation and how important it is for our children. The program is funded by your donations. Your donation will encourage a child, please go to beautifuldayfoundation.net, be sure to specify Yukon.

Mardi Gras, February 22, at the Robertson Center. Contact Vicki Davis at Yukon Main Street for more information.

The Good Fight Church will host Women’s IF Conference, Friday, February 7. They invite all women to attend. Contact the church for details.

Ken Wilkins, candidate for Ward 4 City Council, expressed appreciation for the Memorial held recently for the Sailors from the USS Grayback discovered off Okinawa recently. The Veterans Museum sponsored the memorial for the three that were from Oklahoma. The Grayback went down in 1944. 

Lynn Cook shared that Discover Oklahoma will visit The Homestead on Main Street on February 1.

Join us for Friday Coffee next week at Spanish Cove Retirement Village. 

~The Kitchen Sink

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