Yukon’s Best dot com is our town’s only community news source. We aren’t here for the murders, rapes, and car crashes. That’s not our jam. Instead, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all things that make Yukon great.

Yukon’s Best began in 2011. The idea was born of one couple’s frustration of not knowing what the heck was going on in this place. This town has so many cool events, and things to do, but it was nearly impossible to learn about them. So Patrick McClung, the company’s creator, decided to fix that problem.

Fast forward six years, Yukon’s Best is putting together our first episode of the Yukon’s Best Show, as well as completely revamping the website to make it better, more fun, and more intuitive to what interests the people. From exploring Yukon’s unique businesses, to meeting fascinating Yukon citizens, Yukon’s Best dot com shows the diversity and uniqueness of our town’s history and people through positive and fun journalism.

Our team is working hard to show the true Yukon to its citizens, as well as highlight great things to do. We strive to tell of fun stories and events throughout Yukon in entertaining and unique ways.